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How a leading technology communications company transformed campaign data reporting and reduced wasted time by 75%


  • Vodafone Italy’s digital marketing team needed to link online prospect activities with lead, sales, and activation data handled offline by many call centers using different CRMs
  • In a highly competitive market, data reporting and analysis for decision making was often manual and time-consuming
  • The goal was to unify offline and online data sources and hence extract and analyze actual campaign performances quickly, easily and in a self-service way for various stakeholders


  • End-to-end single source of truth for all digital marketing, call centers, sales, and provisioning data sources
  • Secure and tailored data access for different levels of stakeholders
  • Seamless integration with existing BI/analytics solutions

Vodafone achieved the following goals

  • Automated data integration across multiple CRM systems and data stores
  • Seamless integration into Power BI – the existing BI analytics stack
  • The ability to generate a faster and more valuable analysis for all stakeholders
  • Secure access to business-ready data from any destination

Benefits reached by using adverity

  • Automated processes saved half a day per week for a data team of 20+ people
  • Reduced time needed to assemble and analyze campaign performance data by one week per month
  • BI-ready data stack across all sources that's always up-to-date
  • Integration with offline and online data sources and unity between different systems
  • Increased data robustness by dramatically reducing information exchanges via email and custom extractions by single users from each system
  • Significant cost savings compared to other solutions available on the market

With Adverity, we were finally able to transition to generating the level of analysis that offers more value to our stakeholders and strengthens our marketing strategies and decisions. Adverity’s data integration solution freed up significant time for our digital marketing team, giving us more control over our data and rapid results.

Emiliano Bozzi
Digital Marketing & Performance Data Analyst at Vodafone Italy

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