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Ad personalization for localized target markets

How this jewelry brand executed a visibility-based campaign with an objective to attract local jewelry consumers with dynamic city-specific content?


Localization of ads

Targeting a nation-wide jewelry product involves tweaking ads for each location and target segment within each location. For this specific campaign, the ads were configured based on a live feed of gold rates that are prevailing in the real market. This also required high customization of creatives as the language, images, and messaging had to be tweaked for more impressions and conversions within a city.


Adtech and Data integrations

Some of our recommendations were as follows:

  • Integration of API-based ad banners with live stream that generate market gold prices.
  • Customized the business logic on top of it.
  • Custom code added to the creative itself to filter this data and keep it laser focused when it came to targeting per city / location.

Personalized ads with dynamic creative optimization

The jewelry brand’s objective was to display fair prices to the customers, competing with the existing market gold rate. The solution that was delivered included a combination of services to achieve this objective.

Services bundled

Creative services

Customized ad creatives

Ad operations

Ad serving to tap into the ad network.

Ad optimization

Dynamic creative optimization based on geo targeting

Tech integration

Data extraction from live API feed

Five cross-functional experts were involved in this project

The process in delivering this solution includes:

  • Data extraction

    We used a Live API that feeds market gold rate, and used it to display city-appropriate ads to the consumers. Using this data, we were able to showcase comparative prices that educate the customers. Data collection was done in a very seamless manner, with zero margin of error.

  • We implemented a customized business logic to support the jewelry brand’s objective and integrated it with adtech. We also launched API based banners that would change as per fluctuations in the market gold rate, city-specific market gold rates.

  • There were two levels of customization.They needed both code and creative customization to suit and meet different locations. The API was not designed for the ad campaign. Custom code was added to the creative itself to filter this data and keep it laser focused when it came to targeting per city / location. Further, the creatives were personalized to align with all the business logic output.

  • This involved preparing creative versions for every city and state. We deployed Geo-targetted ads using Sizmek DCO capability.

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