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Aquatic Experts Increased Amazon Sales by 10-25%With Quartile A.I. and Automation


Aquatic Experts needed to free up resources it had been using to manage their growing retail media and PPC campaigns. After evaluating several vendors, they ultimately went with Quartile due to its powerful blend of artificial intelligence-powered automation and bespoke account management. Quartile helped Aquatic Experts grow sales by 10-25% in three months.

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Quartile that the surveyed company uses:

  • Connects and utilizes Quartile with their Amazon Seller Account
  • On average, their monthly Amazon sales are between $100,000-$500,000
  • Increased sales and revenue on Amazon by 10-25% while maintaining ACoS
  • Quartile optimized their ad spend in three months

Level of agreement with the following Quartile value propositions:

  • Quartile enabled them to plan, optimize and grow their Amazon results :strongly agree
  • Quartile provided seamless integration and fast start-up on Amazon Advertising: strongly agree
  • Quartile’s software and services free up their team for more strategic work: strongly agree
  • Quartile’s machine learning and artificial intelligence has lowered their overall advertising spend as a cost of sales:strongly agree
  • Quartile has increased their total sales on Amazon: strongly agree Quartile has lowered the barriers to entry for new types of ads on Amazon (Sponsored Brands, DSP, etc.): strongly agree
  • Quartile’s platform allowed them to expand our advertising program to reach new customers:strongly agree
  • Quartile’s machine learning platform has increased their ability to monitor sales, track performance, and better allocate advertising spend: strongly agree

Quartile frees up my time so I can spend time growing my team and finding new products.

Laurren Schmoyer

Key benefits experienced while using Quartile:

  • Discovered new keywords
  • Enabled team to focus on sales and product strategy
  • Drove revenue growth and return on ad spend

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