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Meet the flexible end-to-end analytics platform and make the insights -driven decisions faster and easier with the intelligent data and analytics platform for marketing, sales and eCommerce

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How does Adverity impact across the industries?


A flexible, intelligent analytics platform for marketing data integration, reporting and forecasting, ideal for advertising, media and digital agencies of all sizes.


Connect and analyze customer, sales, and campaign data to accelerate your eCommerce and omnichannel business.


Integrate data from all your marketing sources, create a full overview of campaign performance, and optimize your marketing investments.

Media & Entertainment

Fully understand the behavior of your audience and use data analytics to adapt your content, improve your performance, and maximize your revenue.


Take control over your marketing performance by using an end-to-end analytics platform that allows you to track results and improve ROI of all campaigns on all channels

CPG & Retail

Simplify and automate your marketing reporting by creating a complete overview of your current (and future) campaign performance

Data connectors

Connect to any marketing data source, API, database or file-based storage by leveraging one of the largest data connector libraries on the market.

Adverity uses data connectors so you can effortlessly integrate data from all your favorite marketing tools without having to use a single line of code. If there’s a data connector you require that is not listed below, please contact us and we’ll work together on a solution beneficial for both sides.

Adverity data connector library is continually maintained and updated, meaning there’s no work required from you on data connection maintenance or improvements. Once all your data sources have been connected to our platform, all the data will be collected automatically, so you can focus on analyzing data, rather than collecting and harmonizing it.

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